Saturday, 13 October 2012

Isadora in progress

I have now begun a larger version of the provisional sketch I made last week. I'm enthusiastic about the qualities that using recycled paper can bring to a piece. As the portraits I make are based on early photographs that are now fairly ancient & weathered paper & card  themselves, this use of paper that has a previous life feels like a perfect match.

This is the first stage of this piece. I now need to leave it in a place in the studio where I will see it when I am not expecting it. I find that this process of allowing work in progress to catch me unawares helps me to see work objectively & decide what needs to happen next. I find that this is a really helpful technique, particularly if I feel I am losing my way with a particular piece.

Have you tried this technique? I'd also be very interested to hear of any others that work for you.

1 comment:

  1. I love how this portrait looks like: the basic colours and the beautiful expression of the drawing, the transparancy of the background ...

    I always have to work on the things I make until they are ready, except from the times when I work with different layers in my paintings. If I don't work until the finishing touch on my creations, it doesn't work for me and I get out of my flow. Luckily for now, I do have the luxury of working like this, but it guess I will have to change my way of working when I start to work part time in a regular job again.

    Have a lovely and inspiring weekend dear Erica!