Sunday, 14 October 2012

An invitation to experience my new drawing course for free

I have taught art in real life for over 15 years & ran a pilot version of the Exploring Drawing e-course with a group earlier this year, but this is the first time it has run online as a commercial venture.

I can understand that some of you might be hesitant about signing up. The first e-course that I joined as a participant took me around three months to take the plunge & sign up for it. The May version of the course came and went, and it was not until September that I signed up & paid.

I can appreciate your concerns as this is a new course. With this in mind, I have made the decision to invite you to experience the first two weeks of the course free and without obligation. Of course, I hope that you will then want to continue with the rest of the classes.

Everyone, who then signs up for the course, will be offered the opportunity to exhibit a selection of their work in The Watercolour Journals online gallery. As an added bonus I will be extending the opening of the gallery to cover the holiday & New Year period, so that you can invite your friends & family to view your work there too.

You may have been promising yourself that one day you will give yourself the opportunity to develop your artistic potential. I would like to invite you to take the first step toward that by joining me for the first two weeks (and beyond) of Exploring Drawing.

Best wishes


P.S. The course begins on the 15th October & this invitation will be open for two weeks. You will still have access to the whole course even if you join after the 15th.


  1. What supplies do we need for the course?

  2. For the first two weeks you will need:
    A selection of pencils – you will need at least 4 for the exercises.
    1x 2H or 3H
    1x HB or B
    1x 3B or 4B
    1x 6B, 7B, 8B or 9B
    There are also some really nice sets of sketching pencils available if you feel like treating yourself. This is the set I have myself: Faber Castell 9000 Art Set 12 x Pencils

    A craft knife (disposable is fine)
    Sketchbook (at least A4)or sheets of drawing paper
    You may also wish to have a hard or putty eraser