Friday, 9 March 2012

Creative games

I don't often find that I am stuck for ideas, rather that the opposite it true. I often feel that I have too many ideas vying for my attention & end up spending too much time deciding where to start, rather than creating.

However, I think I have found a way around this dilema.

I noticed how much I really enjoyed attending workshops, where the activity had been planned for me; experimental drawing, working from a life model. I think this is because my day job is as an art tutor & it's so liberating for me to just arrive at a workshop & be surprised by the activities presented.
I toyed with the idea of planning such sessions for myself....... but was then back to having to make a decision about which activity to start with.

And then I thought 'what if I could make this into a game?'
How would the game work?
What form would it take?
What would be the rules?
Would I be able to get away with cheating?

I quickly wrote a couple of words on a small piece of paper for each of my potential projects, folded them (without looking at them in case I was tempted to cheat!) & dropped them into a pot.

I then thought about the rules of the game.
The Rules
1. Only one piece of paper can be drawn from the pot at a time.
2. The topic cannot be discarded or returned to the pot.
3. Another paper can only be drawn from the pot once the preceding project has been completed.

I'll let you know how it goes...........


  1. Am loving this idea, I hope you don't mind if I borrow and use it too. I have a huge stash of papercrafting materials including stamps and sometimes if left to my own devices I can't choose what I want to do and sometimes want someone to come along and tell me what to make and what to use. Good luck with your game!

    1. Glad you like the idea, Diane, let me know how you get on. If you write about it on your blog, please can you put a link back here- thanks

  2. Hihi, this is great. Only a couple of days ago, I decided to do the same, but with a different goal, i.e. activities, trips, walks etc. for me and my dearest during the weekends. We always spend an hour to think what we could do :)
    I am curious about the sequel of this game post: is it going to work for you? I hope so! x